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Is Solar the Right Choice For You?

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Wind, ice, and flying debris cause long-term damage that may void yourwarranty

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Hail knocks off the granules from the shingle and exposes the matting to the UV rays from the sun. The granules protect the shingle from decaying. The sun beating down on the matting will degrade the shingle in the affected spots. And this can lead to water leaking in from the roof!

Q: Will my insurance cover to have it fixed?

If per inspection, any storm-related damage is found, your insurance company will cover a full roof replacement. Sometimes, all it takes is one damaged shingle.

Q: Why will they pay for a full replacement?

Insurance companies know that replacing the whole roof is cheaper than paying for damage on the inside caused by water leakage.
When it comes to dealing with insurance, we have the experience to help you through the process.

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