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Roof Inspection

01. Know the condition of your roof

Most homeowners are completely unaware of the condition of their roof, and are caught off guard when roofing issues occur that can be costly.

02. Assess if any damage exists

Weather and storm damage frequently cause minor issues, that go unnoticed, and cause big issues over time. Catch any potential issues early!

03. Protect your home from pests

Small holes or rot in fascia boards and roofing underlayment is an invitation for pests, rodents, birds, and squirrels. Ensure that your roof is fully secure.

04. Ensure proper drainage

Gutters and leaders require proper drainage flow. Many times improper drainage can cause overflow into the fascia boards, rot, or leaks into your home.

05. Keep your family safe

A leaky roof can affect your home interior. Dripping water in ceilings and behind walls can lead to mold growth, electrical short circuits, or worse.

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Free Roof Inspection

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missing shingles • cracks and creases missing shingles • granule loss • interior leaks • curling or blistering • roof 20+ yrs old

Thank you! We'll reply ASAP!

Missing or damaged shingles can also lead to disastrous results like water damage to your ceiling. If this photo looks familiar, then it may be time for a roof replacement. Unsightly water spots won’t go away by themselves. And quick fixes like painting over the areas only cover up the problem.

Q: Will your insurance cover a full roof replacement?

If per inspection, any wind-related damage is found, your insurance company will cover a full roof replacement. Sometimes, all it takes is one damaged tab.

Q: Is my roof 20 years or older?

If you have an older home with an older roof, you are at risk for a home insurance cancellation.

When it comes to dealing with insurance, we have the experience to help you through the process.

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New Roof Installation

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Step 1

We provide a free inspection, document the hail damage and give you a full report.

Step 2

We help you with the process of working with your insurance company.

Step 3

We replace the shingles with a top-of-the-line designer brand (Atlas Pinnacle Pristine).

Turn your old roof into a new one!

Your Roofing Hub serves commercial and residential clients across North Carolina. Whether you need roof replacement, repair, or maintenance, we’ll provide a comprehensive assessment and help you through every step in the restoration process. And our solar division delivers energy solutions that can can help save you money and lowers your carbon footprint.